Iga SGG club has finished its activities in June 2020.

Thankyou for your patronage.


We are the voluntary guide group for Iga City. The hometown of Ninja as well as Basho, the great Haiku poet.

Welcome to Iga-Ueno!! Need an English language guide?

Welcome to Iga-Ueno!! Iga Sgg Club is a volunteer guide group for foreign tourists to the Iga region, Mie prefecture, registered with the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO).With genuine and heart-warming hospitality, we offer free guided tours in English.

Spring  春

Every April we have an "International Exchange Ninja Walk” during the Iga Ninja Festival. We visit the Ninja House or take a walk around the city with foreign residents of Japan.

Summer  夏

Summer events in Iga include a citizen's festival as well as a barbeque in the mountains. And a walk along the traditional Teramachi street in the evening is also an unmissable experience.

Autumn  秋

The Ueno Tenjin Festival, which has the 400-year-old history, is held annually on October. There are festival floats, a ‘demon parade,’ and many stalls open along the streets.

Winter  冬

Good water, rice and severe coldness are essential for making delicious Japanese sake. In this winter season, sake breweries hold the “Fresh Sake Festival”.