We are the voluntary guide group for Iga City. The hometown of Ninja as well as Basho, the great Haiku poet.

Welcome to Iga-Ueno!! Need an English language guide?

Welcome to Iga-Ueno!! Iga Sgg Club is a volunteer guide group for foreign tourists to the Iga region, Mie prefecture, registered with the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO).With genuine and heart-warming hospitality, we offer free guided tours in English.

Spring  春

Every April we have an "International Exchange Ninja Walk” during the Iga Ninja Festival. We visit the Ninja House or take a walk around the city with foreign residents of Japan.

Summer  夏

Summer events in Iga include a citizen's festival as well as a barbeque in the mountains. And a walk along the traditional Teramachi street in the evening is also an unmissable experience.

Autumn  秋

The Ueno Tenjin Festival, which has the 400-year-old history, is held annually on October. There are festival floats, a ‘demon parade,’ and many stalls open along the streets.

Winter  冬

Good water, rice and severe coldness are essential for making delicious Japanese sake. In this winter season, sake breweries hold the “Fresh Sake Festival”.